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See more Download Options or visit the Crispy Plotter Project Page on Sourceforge for the latest information.


Crispy Plotter is free software and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. You are welcome to participate in the ongoing development process. You can help the Crispy Plotter Project, even if you lack the coding skills.

Help with Suggestions and Bug Reports

Comments, bug reports and suggestions about Crispy Plotter are always welcome. Also if you have questions about the source code feel free to contact. You can post them on the Crispy Plotter support page at

Help with Translations

At the moment Crispy Plotter supports only a small number of languages. You are welcome to translate Crispy Plotter to your favorite language. Since version 1.7.3, Crispy Plotter has full Unicode support. This means all languages and character sets are possible now.

An online translation page for Crispy Plotter is provided on There you can translate all text strings for the application and the installer.

If you also would like to translate the manual, you will have to get the Source Code package of Crispy Plotter, which also contains the manual source files. It is not a good idea to translate the pure HTML manual files that come with the binary release, since they are regenerated automatically when the manual gets updated.

Help with Coding

You can try your luck with the Crispy Plotter source code, if you feel confident in Delphi/Object Pascal. It is tailored to Borland Delphi 7, however it should also compile with later versions (and with some alterations with older ones probably too). Source code documentation is included.

If you found or even fixed some bugs or even added some features, feel free to contribute your code to the Crispy Plotter Project.